History of Abalashrama

Abalashrama is primarily a ‘Home’ and Rehabilitation Centre for orphaned girls and destitute women between the ages of 16 and 25. In addition to providing basic needs like adequate shelter, wholesome food and decent clothing, it imparts education and / or vocational training suited to their ability and aptitude. The Ashrama is adopting a holistic approach in the process of rehabilitation, the aim being to meet the immediate needs while keeping in view the long-term aspirations and wellbeing of each individual.

It is a registered, voluntary, charitable organization founded in 1905. We are proud to mention that Late  Sri  Chakaravathy  Venkatavarada   lyengar paved the way for establishing  Abalashrama at the dawn of 20th century by marrying Smt Krishnamma, a childhood widow.  The  noble  ideals of Arya Samaj, his personal  zeal for helping deprived  women, and the support  he received from his life partner sowed the seeds for founding  this unique institution. Having resolved to make a  beginning, the couple  converted  their own modest home into a sanctuary for abandoned women in 1905.

Abalashrama has functioned for nearly 115 years and has earned a reputation has helped to better the lives of thousands of girls. It is committed to the upliftment of women irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Many institutions prefer to discharge wards after they attain 16 years of age as they have no provision to keep them after that. The girls at Abalashrama are mostly students and it does not bar girls who are totally illiterate, or drop outs. It is not their educational background, it is their social background that interests us. Students among them continue studies and the rest given literacy and/or training as the case may be. The ashram pays attention towards sports, yoga, karate  and personality development.  Encourages to take up hobbies like music ,dance, acting and other latent talents.

At present  the Abalashrama houses more than 100 residents, aged 16 to 25. Many of them have participated in contests in their colleges and other institutions and have won various laurels. These children express a deep interest in the arts, commerce and computer courses and the administration of the Abalashrama has initiated programs aimed at getting education of their choice and help them develop their artistic skills.

“To work for the amelioration of the social, economic and educational condition of orphaned girls and destitute women by providing them shelter, support and solace and also help them to a livelihood”.

“To make the vulnerable among women to lead a self-reliant, honourable and dignified life calculated to make them worthy members of Indian womanhood and grow up into responsible individuals”.

Abalashrama is a special institution with unique features:
1) The Ashrama admits girls who have attained 16 years of age.
2) It provides literacy to illiterates.
3) The Ashrama encourages pursuit of college education up to diploma, degree, and even post graduate level.
4) Ashram offers counseling services to the mentally disturbed.
5) The residents are motivated to earn during their spare time.
6) Birthday of every resident is celebrated
7) The Ashram aims to shape each and every resident’s future secure and meaningful by providing utmost individual attention.


  1. Suraksha: The primary activity of the Ashrama, it offers shelter and protection for rehabilitation.
  2. Swavalambana:  The Ashrama has a Multi Skill Development center for training under privileged girls and women from outside the Ashrama apart from its residents.
  3. Santvana: The Ashrama runs  a free family counseling centre for the needy public.
  4. Souharda: The Ashrama manages full-fledged marriage facilitating centre for orphaned, handicapped and destitute boys and girls.
  5. Soubhagya: The Ashrama has a centre for facilitating job-placement for needy women and girls.
  6. Sankalpa: The Ashrama brings out a quarterly news letter to document the events and programs of the Ashrama.
  7. Saphalya: The Ashrama has a sales outlet to facilitate marketing of products made by residents as also by needy women outside the Ashrama.
  8. Samskruti: For strengthening the culture and religious roots of the students and girls and women outside the Ashrama.
  9. Swabhimana: A platform to arouse patriotism.
  10. Sevasumana: A centre to inculcate the spirit of selfless service.
  11. Surabhi: A platform to explore and exhibit latent talent.
  12. Subodha: A Study centre with library worth books and periodicals for inmates currently residing in the Ashrama.
  13. Sahaya: Offers assistance for varied timely needs on a non residential basis.
  14. Samartha: Free Coaching Centre for economically weaker and deserving students for Competitive Exams.

How you can help

  • Sponsor a resident
  • Sponsor a project under Swavalamabana
  • Vastradaana
  • Help us to build a Corpus
  • Help us to arrange a marriage.

Smt Krishnamma

Sri Chakaravathy Venkatavarada lyengar

Abalashrama 1911-2005

Abalashrama – 2021