How You Can Help!

One of the key focus area for Abalashrama is to help women in distress. Some of the common difficulties faced by women are:
·      A women / a girl in distress
·      An orphaned girl to reach new heights in Society
·      A young window to get justice
·      A destitute woman  / girl to become self-reliant
Abalashrama is working hard to support women from one or more of above categories. A helping hand by like-minded and large hearted donors from the general public would be a great boost to the activities of Abalashrama. There are a number of ways that help can be given. Some of these are detailed as below:

1.  Annadaana

  • Sponsorship of food items can be arranged through the “Annadaana” scheme for a day to all the residents of the Ashrama at 6,000/- per day. This sponsorship amount includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to all the residents of the Ashrama for one day. Donors can choose to sponsor food for as many days as desired.
  • All the food items are prepared in-house in our own kitchen, by our own cooks in a hygienic condition and served to all the residents. At any given day we may have around 80 to 100 residents, including supporting staff, who are provided with the food items, free of cost. Care is taken to ensure there is no wastage of food items.

2.  Vastradaana
Donations towards providing clothing to the women/girls between 16 to 25 years of age at Abalashrama is another way to help. One set of clothes typically costs Rs 600/- per resident. You can choose to donate for as many residents as desired. Abalashrama will ensure that appropriate dressing of good quality cloth are provided to the residents.

3.  Sponsor a Resident
You can sponsor the entire expenses towards boarding and lodging including educational and other expenses to one or many residents. The contribution amount for one whole year will be Rs. 50,000/-.

4.  Help us to arrange a marriage by contributing for specific needs.
Contribution to  Maangalya and Food on the day of marriage for the guest.

5.  Corpus Fund
To build corpus fund for education and over all development at ashram.

6.  Swavalambana
Sponsor a project under Swavalambana a Multi Skills development program. Computer H/W Training, Computer DTP Training, Tally & GST Training, Spoken English, Tailoring, Beautician and other training.

7.  Donate Books
Worthy books for library and periodicals for the library and reading room.

8.  Other Contribution in kind also accepted. You can donate provisions, fruits and vegetables. Text books , stationery  etc.

9.  Navarathri (Donate Dolls, Toys, Games etc.)
for the display in the Ashrama during Dasara festival (Navaratri). Our traditional and cultural festival is celebrated at ashram , Navaratri festival is celebrated with dolls display for Nine days donated dolls will be displayed every year at ashram.

10. Sankalpa Sponsor
An issue, newsletter of Ashrama is published with various  information of ashrama students achievement, events and activities, articles related to women.

11. Old Clothes
You can donate old clothes (Washed and used\usable clothes).

12. e-Waste
At e-waste collection center you can dispose e-waste responsibly at Abalashrama, drop box is available.

Periodical contributions are welcome, contribute once is an month/six month/year.

Introduce to your near and dear ones as donors/contributors.

If you wish to contribute to any of the schemes above, please download the donation form, fill up the details and submit it to the office of the Secretary along with the cheque for the sponsorship amount. Very soon we will facilitate “Online Payment” features.