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The Ashram has a sales outlet SAPHALYA to facilitate marketing of products made by residents as also by enterprising women outside the Ashrama. There are many women artisans who live in Karnataka’s little towns and villages and churn out masterpieces with their hands, but fail to find the visibility they deserve. This, coupled with the lack of monetary returns, forces them to leave behind their ancestral legacy and head to nearby towns for better opportunities.

Saphalya supports marketing their products. The products should be made by them. They will get the full price for the product due to them without any cuts or commission

From the WOMEN Entrepreneur to the Consumer

Under the “Saphalya” initiative, the Abalashrama management will be facilitating a number of Woman Entrepreneurs to build their small businesses and make a decent living through an Online Product Marketing system. The identification and selection of each of the woman entrepreneur will be done after careful evaluation of multiple parameters and suitability to Abalashrama principles and work culture etc.

The Saphalya team will help the selected Women Entrepreneurs in identifying good quality products, help in competitive pricing, assist in marketing of products and also provide for delivery of products through another Women Entrepreneur willing to take up delivery as a paid service.

SAPHALYA Online Product Marketing System

Women Entrepreneurs with Saphalya Team

Saphalya Stores

Saphalya Stores

Saphalya Stores