Abalashrama’s priority is to take total care of totally orphaned girls till they are totally rehabitated. These include shelter, food, medicare, education, job placement and finally, marriage. Though marriage is the will of the Almighty, we facilitate it whenever we have the Almighty’s support. Now in addition, the Ashrama manages a full-fledged marriage facilitating centre for orphaned, handicapped and destitute  girls. The center is for anyone who finds it difficult to get married including boys (Grooms). After the resident finishes studies and ready for marriage the Ashrama takes the responsibility of finding a suitable groom for her. We try to “Groom” her by talking to her, by counselling her and finally, preparing her mind to accept family life.

First and foremost factor the Ashrama scrutinizes is the personality of the prospective groom concerned. Then the character of the groom will have to be vouched by the most reliable (relative/family friends) well wisher of the bride’s family or verified diligently by the parents themselves . Credentials of the groom has to be true. Socio economic status , educational qualifications, employment or profession of the groom should be up to the expectation and standard of life of the bride. Health issues of the family and the groom if any has are verified. Eating habits, hobbies, and presentable behavior of the boy should not be against the bride’s nature or interest. Groom should be a mostly a bachelor .He should not be having any affairs. He should be a law abiding citizen. Finally the girl must have liking towards the boy and give her consent. So far, Abalashrama has conducted scores of marriages till date. The President/Secretary of the institution shall perform kanyadaan and the marriage is conducted as per Arya Samaj rituals by default.

We try to make the Groom understand that he will hold the girl’s hands  without expecting anything of any sort.