The primary activity of Ashram is Suraksha which offers shelter, protection leading to rehabilitation. Suraksha came into being when Abalashrama came into being. Most of the things were the same as they have been now. There are minimal changes here and there. The name ‘Suraksha’ was coined a few years ago when all the initiatives were given an appropriate nomenclature.

Admission is open all through the year and will mostly be from the following categories :

1) Totally Orphaned girls (bereft of both the parents) for whom the Ashrama is the veritable home, with motherly care and emotional sustenance. Not only are they taken care of till totally rehabilitated, but it is a life-long relationship too. In addition to providing basic necessities they are helped to integrate into the social main stream. Marriages are also arranged whenever possible.

2) Deserving girls of single parents (with either father or mother) are provided shelter, food, education/training and job opportunities.

3) Girls from weaker sections who come to Bangalore for exams, interviews or training for short durations are given shelter and food in the short-stay home run by the Ashrama.

4) Deserving girls with both the parents, are also considered. Those girls living in remote locations, are forced to walk a long distance to reach the colleges. The parents will rather marry them off than to send them for studies.

5) Young women having problems arising out of marriage – widowhood, food, education/training and job placement. They will be given option for second marriage.

6) Young women having problems arising out of marriage with dependent children. The mother can stay with the child at the centre. She is allowed to study/get trained in any vocation/ get employed. She can stay till  she becomes self-reliant and/or till the child grows older.

All the above services are totally free.

√    The Admission is restricted to weaker sections of society and is open all through the year.
√   Applicants must be physically and mentally fit.
√    Illiterates and drop- outs are also admitted.
√   A letter from an eminent person is welcome.
√   Relevant documents are required as proof of their background.

The residents go to different colleges, classes and courses after they join the Ashrama by which time they would have completed matriculation (X Standard). They will take up ITI, Degree, Certificate courses, Pre-degree & Post- degree classes. Counseling for which course to opt shall take place at individual and group level. Finally Ashrama authorities will decide. Care is taken to see that the resident will not be forced a decision on her.

“Ashrama has a unique activity of making paper bags which motivates its residents to earn during their free time as also promote the use of eco friendly paper bags to counter hazardous plastic bags. This activity is in practice since more than 2 decades. The money earned will go to residents personal accounts and comes in handy purely for their personal use”. 

Making Paper Bags