We have started one more service initiative namely Swasthya. It  is a Multi-Speciality Medical Services facility. Women and children who cannot afford expensive medical treatment will be helped by this unique activity, as it can provide succour to the needy and deserving.

Treatment for all major/minor physical aliments will be provided here by experienced doctors and specialists. As there is no ward (in-patient) facility in this centre, treatment is provided only on out-patient basis.

  • Swasthya enlightens about Alternative Systems of medicines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc.
  • Swasthya creates awareness about the preventive aspects of all illnesses.
  • Swasthya conducts periodical camps for diagnosing Dental and Eye related problems and detection of Diabetes, Cancer etc.

We have the required space in our premises for these facilities. But other issues such as infrastructure, purchase and installation of equipments etc, need to be taken up. Also, payment of salaries to the employed staff, and other recurring expenditures need to be met.

We are also looking for generous specialist in the respective fields, who can provide services free of charge. That way we can continue to keep up our commitment to serve the society. To fulfil all these we propose to raise funds and so, we are approaching your good selves for generous contributions.

Magnanimous persons like you being our friend, guide and philosopher, we are sure will be with us in the mission and contribute generously through cash, kind and services.

How you can help…

  • If you are a DOCTOR , you can spare your valuable TIME for half a day in a week or even a few hours in a week.
  • Retired DOCTORs also can join us in this cause by serving full time or part time here.
  • If you are a PHILANTHROPIST , you can contribute generously toward the activities mentioned above.
  • If you wish to spare some time, you can directly bring persons who are in need of the above facilities and treatments or you can even send them here.