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Inauguration of Swasthya, the  Multi Speciality Medical Services, an innovative service activity of Abalashrama

Dr. K Sudhakar, Minister for Health, Family Wefare and Medical Education inaugurated on 16th Jan, 2022. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister eulogised the services of  Abalashrama since more than one hundred years of  service  to the deserving and downtrodden women in the Society.  He commended Swasthya for its thoughtful  programmes to help women and children in dire need of all outpatient medical services.

Hon. Secretary Sri B V Sesha outlined the services rendered by Abalashrama in its 117 years of fruitful existence.

Sri Tippeswamy, South-Central Zonal organiser, RSS, Former Mayor Sri B S Sathyanarayana also spoke. Dr. Vijayalakshmi Deshmane, Surgeon (Retd.) KIDWAI Institute of Oncology and President Abalashrama presided.

View the live speech by Hon. Minister Dr Sudhakar


Abalashrama – 2021

Abalashrama is primarily a ‘Home’ and Rehabilitation Centre for orphaned girls and destitute women between the ages of 16 and 25. In addition to providing basic needs like adequate shelter, wholesome food and decent clothing, it imparts education and / or vocational training suited to their ability and aptitude. The Ashrama is adopting a holistic approach in the process of rehabilitation, the aim being to meet the immediate needs while keeping in view the long-term aspirations and wellbeing of each individual.

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Providing Shelter & Protection leading to Rehabilitation of Women

The primary activity of Ashram is Suraksha which offers shelter, protection leading to rehabilitation. Suraksha came into being when Abalashrama came into being.  The name ‘Suraksha’ was coined a few years ago when all the initiatives were given an appropriate nomenclature. Read More ……..

Multi Skill development center for under privileged Women

The Ashram runs a Multi Skill Development center for under privileged and enterprising girls and women mostly from outside the Ashrama. Read More ……..